Do You Remember The Time?

When was the last time you truly truly loved yourself?

I started thinking about this lately. Do you remember the very last day you didn’t think that anything about yourself needed any sort of improvement?

Did you ever ask yourself this?

I remember being a kid, maybe I was 5, a teacher tells me that I’m going to be on stage to guide my classmates with a choreography for our graduation. I didn’t even think twice about it. I just said “okay” and went along with it! There was no question of whether or not I was good enough to be on the stage. I just went up on the stage and didn’t even care what I looked like or if I’ll remember the steps or not. I simply went on stage.

And then, I started thinking about the moments I started doubting myself. I remembered one pivotal moment! The very first time I messed up my LEFT AND RIGHT! If you know me you know that this is not my place of expertise.

When I was young, I used to participate in dancing competitions in school. In one of our competitions we went on stage and one of my teammates was so confused and messed up our whole dance. Before we went on stage I place every single person on what I thought was our Left and our Right. We still won the competition but that day stayed with me for the rest of my life. I remember looking at my teammate thinking “WTF did I DO?” (But to cut me some slack only one person messed up.) Maybe I was not even wrong and I just carried the burden of failing and messing up with me for no reason!

Up to now, I tell people I do not know my Left and Right and I do often make mistakes with this but now I am learning that it is because I embedded in my head that I am not good with directions which is not true at all!

I carried that doubt with me for the longest time. It wasn’t even a total lost; we still freaking won!

I’m laughing myself right now and yet very impress with my ability to remember these moments very vividly.

Do you ever think of these moments in your life and wonder why? Why did I ever think I had to be perfect all the time!

It’s easy, we’re human and we’re designed to do this. We’re really here to go on this life’s journey trying to be perfect only to find out we’re perfect just the way we’ve been! ❤


Pia! ❤

Published by Pia Caguimbal

There's really nothing much to say about me... 2020 has been such an eyeopening experience for me... Like many of you, I found myself in difficult situations all year round. One thing is for sure, I got to know myself so much better this year, better than ever. I questioned many things in my life such as "What do I really want from life?" "What is truly out there?" "What is it in my relationships that make it end so quickly?" "What are my values?" "What is my Dharma?" "What makes me happy?" "What is it in others I look for?" "Do I just need validation?" "Am I heartbroken?" "Why am I so lonely?" "Do I Love Myself enough?". These are only a few of the things that I started questioning since the beginning of this pandemic we are all being forced to face. So I write and I write and I write to my heart's desire. Although, I do limit myself with sharing all of my thoughts, the one's I am brave enough to share are right here. Right here, on a page, I've been working so dearly for so many years. One day, it is public, one day it is private, one day it is a paid membership and one day it is free. I am constantly battling with myself and the urges I have to share and hide from the world. You can see it all here. I am one just like you a little scared and skeptical at times but once in a blue moon, brave and wise. Nothing special just someone who is trying to break free.

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