Moving On After a Break Up in 2020

Moving on and letting go; forgiving and finally setting myself free.

The only way to move on in 2020.

Do You Remember The Time?

When was the last time you truly truly loved yourself? I started thinking about this lately. Do you remember the very last day you didn’t think that anything about yourself needed any sort of improvement? Did you ever ask yourself this? I remember being a kid, maybe I was 5, a teacher tells me thatContinue reading “Do You Remember The Time?”


Is that even a word? I heard that to be fearless about life is the only way to go.. I read that people have been living their lives in fear of something! This past months, I’ve been working really hard to get out of my mind and live life more fearlessly.. I’ve been such aContinue reading “Fearlessness”

I Wonder

I wonder what it’ll feel like to be loved by you…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Pia.

I decided that I’m just going to blog for fun. I was reading some of my journal entries and thought it was funny and real. The time I decided to make this thing a business was when it all went down. I forgot what it was truly like to write instead I worried so much about what others might think of my writing. So now, I’m doing this for the fun of it like how I started it! So I hope you guys enjoy my thoughts! and enjoy my entries. I think they are pretty clever and fun! ❤ Love always, Pia

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